Lifechat Starters

For when you know you want to start but don’t know how. These lifechat starters are meant to help facilitate deeper connections with others through themed, more “intense” questions. There’s no right or wrong way to use these! You can go through each question one at a time, you can jump around, you can stick to only the questions listed, you can branch off into new avenues, or you can spend an hour discussing how much you hate the premise of each question. Generally, I’ve used them as a starting place often veering off into new topics as the follow up questions build.

To explore the starters, just click on the images below.


Discuss your prized possessions, what you’d give away, and more.


Discuss the last thing you celebrated, what you struggle to celebrate, and more.


Discuss your first fear you ever faced, the role fear plays in your life, and more.


Discuss how you know you love someone, whether you believe in soulmates, and more.


Discuss what the last big decision you made was, what you’ve always struggled to decide, and more.


Discuss who you consider family, what was valued growing up, and more.


Discuss books that have stayed with you, characters you loved/hated, and more.


Discuss how you show gratitude to others, what traits you’re thankful for in yourself, and more.


Discuss learning styles, big teachers in your life (however you interpret that), and more.


Discuss what comfort means to you, what you do to comfort others, and more.


Discuss your relationship with technology, your first username, and more.

New Year’s

Discuss what you want to carry into the new year, what you want to leave behind, and more.


Discuss favorite artists, songs that make you feel the most, and more.

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