Possessions Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


What is your current prized possession? Why?

What’s the best material gift you’ve ever received?

If you were on GQ’s “10 Essentials,” what are 3 of the things you’d immediately choose to feature?

If you had to give away 3 things right now, what would you give away and why?

What was the last material item you purchased? What prompted you to buy it? 

Do you collect anything? If so, what made you start the collection?

Diving in

How do you feel when you have to get rid of possessions? 

Do you envy what other people have? Is there a theme to what you envy? 

What’s something you want but feel weird about buying for yourself? 

How does your relationship with digital possessions (photos, texts, etc) compare to your relationship with physical possessions? 

Do you think you’re a good gift-giver? What’s the best (material) gift you’ve given someone else?

Would you rather cut your possessions in half or double the amount that you have? Why?

Deep end

Do you generally feel like you have a life of abundance or scarcity? How do material items play a role in that feeling? 

What pivotal events in your life have shaped how you view possessions? 

Do you spend more money on temporary things (food, coffee, entertainment, etc) or on physical objects (books, art, cooking supplies, etc)?

What do you think about the idea of minimalism? 

What possession would be the hardest to part with and why?

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