Why should I lifechat?

As I write this, today’s world is quite polarizing with many of us feeling tugged in a million directions with little time to connect causing loneliness to creep in. As inherently social creatures, this isn’t sustainable nor will it create the lives we want. 2020 has woken up so many of us to re-examining the present norms in order to re-imagine the future we want for ourselves. This is one small attempt to create the future that champions community, embraces interdependence, and reclaims our time from distractions that never seem to fill up our soul.

Lifechatting is an approach to interacting with others that can expand your capacity for empathy, build strong connections with those around you, and help you see the world in a more holistic way. It’s a way to build bridges of understanding and belonging.

We each only have one life to live which leaves the door open for us to “do life” with others in a way that their stories can become our own. Our singular existence can either leave us narrowly focused on our own life or it can invite us to witness the perspective of another through questions and loving attention. I hope you choose the latter and I hope in doing so that you find the shared roots in all of our individual stories.

Let’s lifechat.

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