Gratitude Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter, remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


What’s a little thing that you’re extremely grateful for? 

Who is someone you’ve recently gotten close to that you feel thankful for? Have you told them? Why or why not? 

What’s a material item in your life that you’re particularly happy to have this year? 

What’s a personality trait of yours that you’re thankful for and why? What about a personality trait in others? 

Tell us about a book, article, or quote that shifted your thinking even a tiny bit about being thankful.

Diving in

How do you show that you’re thankful for someone? 

What did you learn about gratitude in your upbringing?

Tell us about a day this past year that you’re thankful for. Share as much or as little as you’d like!

What do you think others are often appreciative of you for? Does that align with what you want them to be appreciative of?

How do you practice gratitude in your day to day life?

Deep end

How difficult or easy do you find it to be to be thankful and express that to others in your life that you’re thankful for? 

Tell us about the last time that you paused to give thanks to someone else in your life. How did it go? 

What’s something you should in theory be thankful for but you simply aren’t? Why do you feel pressure to be thankful? Why aren’t you? 

What’s a challenging experience that you’re ultimately thankful happened?

On your worst days, what tends to come to mind to be grateful for? Why do you think that is?

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