Technology Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter, remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


What’s your favorite app on your phone and why?

If you had to, would you rather show us your search history, notes, or photos on your phone? Which would you least like to share? Why?

What’s the last neat trick you learned to make using technology easier?

Tell us about a time when technology made your life easier. Share as much or as little as you’d like!

What was your first username online and what did it represent? Tell us about other usernames and what they mean!

Diving in

How do you feel about trading your privacy for convenience? When have you? When have you refused to?

What’s a type of technology you don’t understand but want to?

What technology in today’s world scares you? Why? What do you think should be done about it?

What type of technology do you wish was here already (ex time travel)? How would you use it? How could it be used for evil?

How has the internet allowed you to explore a part of yourself you might not otherwise be able to?

Deep end

How do you think your life would be impacted if you went without your phone for a month? What about the internet as a whole?

Tell us about your relationship with technology. How has it improved your life? How has it made things worse? Have you ever felt addicted?

Imagine you’re the CEO of a social media giant, what changes would you implement and why?

What’s the sketchiest thing that technology has enabled you to do?

Describe an experience of using technology that evokes a certain sensation/experience/feeling that we don’t currently have words to describe. Bonus points if you can come up with a word.

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