Learning Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


What are you learning right now? 

What’s something you’ve always struggled to learn?

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in the last year? 

What’s something you want to learn, but haven’t taken time for it?

Diving in

What’s your preferred way to learn something new? Read a book, podcast, classroom, etc. 

How have you changed your approach to schooling/learning as you’ve gotten older? 

How easy or hard do you find it to ask questions of others? Why? 

What do you do to help motivate yourself to stay engaged in learning something new? 

What bothers you most about “traditional” education systems (schools, college, “classroom learning”)?

Deep end

What is something you’re embarrassed you haven’t learned more about? 

If you were to give a lecture/teach a class on any topic, what would it be on and why?

Tell us about big teachers in your life (doesn’t need to be a teacher in the formal sense). 

When was the last time you struggled to change your mind after learning something new that changed a long held belief you had?

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