Comfort Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter, remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


Describe your perfect room that would make you feel the MOST comfortable. Be as specific as you’d like!

What did comfort look like growing up? 

What “scene” (bar, coffee shop, sporting event, etc) makes you the most uncomfortable and why?

Tell us about your favorite kinds of comfort food. 

Where is home for you? Tell us about it.

Diving Deep

When you’re upset, what helps calm you down? 

How do you react when you’re uncomfortable (ex: sweaty hands, playing with rings, stammering, etc)? 

What’s something new that you’ve learned brings you lots of peace as an adult?

What’s something that you’re comfortable discussing that others often aren’t? Why do you think that is? 

What’s your relationship like to the idea of comfort? Do you resist it? Lean into it too much? 

What can someone do to immediately put you at ease?

Deep end

When was the last time you were incredibly uncomfortable? What were you doing? What led up to that point?

How do you know you’re comfortable being around someone? 

What’s the fastest way to make you uncomfortable?

How do you try to create comfort for others? 

How much do you seek out being uncomfortable? 

Generally speaking, do you try to stay within your comfort zone or do you tend to try to venture out regularly? 

When was the last time you made someone uncomfortable? What happened?

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