Fear Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter, remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


When was the last time you were scared? 

When was the last time you avoided something that evoked fear? 

What’s the first fear you can remember facing? 

What are some fears that you’re facing right now? 

What’s something that feels silly that you’re afraid of?

Diving in

What role does fear play in your life (does it influence your decisions, give you something to face, etc)? 

When was the last time you scared someone else?

What helps you face your fears? 

What’s something you used to be very afraid of that you’ve outgrown or overcome? 

How do you react when faced with something you fear?

Deep end

A classic with a twist: What’s your greatest fear for yourself? For others? For humanity at large?

What’s something you’re not afraid of that many people are?  

Do any childhood fears still come up in your adult life? 

What fear inducing things do you seek out? Which do you avoid? Why?

What has your fear taught you about yourself? 

When do you listen to your fear? When do you ignore it? 

What aspect of yourself scares you?

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