Family Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


Tell us about who you consider family. Share as much or as little as you’d like.

Tell us about any family members that you wish you were closer with.

What adjectives would you use to describe family?

What feelings come up when you think about family?

If your family were a high school friend group, what would your senior superlative be?

Diving in

What role did you play in your family and how has that informed other relationships in your life?  What about your extended family? 

Tell us a family story about you or someone else.

What was valued and praised in your family?

Describe your parents approach to parenting. Why do you think they took the approach they did based on their upbringing?

How has the family you were born into informed what family you seek to create?

Deep end

How would you describe an ideal family?

When did you first hear about the term chosen family or other types of family?What new term would you create to describe your chosen family?

What did you learn from your upbringing? What are you unlearning?

Tell us about the last big fight or drama with someone in your family (while being mindful of not sharing any private information).

Tell us about how your relationship with your family you grew up in has changed over time.

What’s a societal norm about family that you wish you could change and why?

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