Celebration Lifechat Starter

Before using this starter remember to review the idea of emotional consent.


When was the last time you celebrated something? What was it for? 

How do you feel when others celebrate you?

Do you ever struggle to celebrate others? Why or why not?  

Do you find that you tend to seek out things to celebrate or do you forget to celebrate things?

Tell us about attending your first Pride event. Share as much or as little as you want!

Diving in

What’s your favorite official excuse to celebrate (holiday, wedding, birthday etc)?

Tell us about your most memorable birthday celebration. What made it so special for you? Who was there?

What do you do to celebrate things solo? 

Tell us about a time you experienced a celebration in a culture other than your own. How did you feel? What did you take away?

Are there any foods that you particularly associate with celebrating something?

Deep end

What’s something that’s celebrated in this world that you don’t understand?

What’s something you wish was celebrated more often?

What do you find others often celebrate about you? 

If you were to create a brand new day to celebrate something, when would it be and what would it be about?

Do you think celebrations are over-commercialised or have lost their original meaning?

What do you find difficult to celebrate about yourself?

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