New Lifechat Starter on Gratitude

In preparation for the US based Thanksgiving holiday, I created a Lifechat Starter centered on Gratitude to use with some friends.Thanksgiving related questions are purposefully left out in order to be more internationally friendly and to ensure it’s a Starter that can be used outside of just this week. If you’re celebrating the US holiday, I shared some questions below to include if you so desire. If any questions come to mind for you that aren’t listed, share in the comments (I’m always on the hunt for new questions). Happy Lifechatting!

What’s your dream Thanksgiving meal? Tell us about all the fixin’s.

What was Thanksgiving like growing up in your house? 

How do you feel about this holiday? What’s influenced those feelings? 

If we could be in person, what would you want today to look like? Dream as big and as detailed as you’d like. 

What’s the weirdest/most intense fight you’ve ever had with family at Thanksgiving?

If you could create your own holiday, what would it be and why?

As always, you can find all the Lifechat Starters here and feedback is always welcomed.

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