New Lifechat Starter on Music

I recently discovered that Angels & Airwaves released a new album after a seven year break and quickly texted a few friends. It came at a perfect time when I was driving up and down the East Coast bouncing between various parts of Florida and various parts of North Carolina. In doing so, I foundContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Music”

New Lifechat Starter on Possessions

Now that I’m vaccinated and it’s safer to be a bit more mobile, I’m returning once more to a pseudo-nomadic lifestyle, where I’ll travel places to stay a few months before moving on. In the last year, I stayed put and now find myself in possession of items I never thought I’d have, like aContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Possessions”

New Lifechat Starter on Family

Family is complex for me so, even now as I write this, I worry that the perspective I’m coming from is heavily biasing the questions I came up despite that being the case with every Lifechat Starter. For some reason, that fear is more salient than with this one! There are simply questions I’ll neverContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Family”

New Lifechat Starter on Technology

After recently ranting about the internet and then re-joining Instagram after being inspired by this piece, I’ve been thinking immensely about technology which isn’t new for me since I work for a tech company (we’re hiring). This led to a long overdue Lifechat Start on Technology! I admit that I tried and failed to findContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Technology”

New Lifechat Starter on Decisions

This last year has required so many decisions, big and small. When did you start wearing a mask? When did you stop seeing others? In turn, as the vaccine begins its slow roll out, more decisions will arise. On top of this overall backdrop, I’ve had a few friends recently wrestling with massive decisions mainlyContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Decisions”

New Lifechat Starter on New Year’s

New Year’s is probably my favorite official holiday outside of my dreams of Queersgiving (aka queer thanksgiving) so forgive me for being probably too excited to share this New Year’s Lifechat starter. Building off of the idea of “chosen family”, I feel like New Year’s is a “chosen holiday” in some ways. You can makeContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on New Year’s”

New Lifechat Starter on Love

I’m constantly exploring what it truly means to love others deeply and am excited to share this Lifechat Starter on Love to help you do the same. I eventually had to stop adding more questions to this one in an effort to keep it a bit more contained. Here are a few questions that didn’tContinue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Love”

New Lifechat Starter on Gratitude

In preparation for the US based Thanksgiving holiday, I created a Lifechat Starter centered on Gratitude to use with some friends.Thanksgiving related questions are purposefully left out in order to be more internationally friendly and to ensure it’s a Starter that can be used outside of just this week. If you’re celebrating the US holiday,Continue reading “New Lifechat Starter on Gratitude”