New Lifechat Starter on Love

I’m constantly exploring what it truly means to love others deeply and am excited to share this Lifechat Starter on Love to help you do the same. I eventually had to stop adding more questions to this one in an effort to keep it a bit more contained. Here are a few questions that didn’t make the cut but still rumble around in my brain:

– Who has taught you the most about love?
– Who do you wish you had the chance to love deeply?
– What’s something you’re unlearning about love?

Here are a few favorite resources, for lack of a better term, about love that I regularly return to:

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story. ” ― Mary Lou Kownacki

This quote is at the heart of lifechatting for me as it touches on the power of truly witnessing someone and how compelling doing so can be.

After a horrible breakup, I found myself returning to this video repeatedly and regularly send it out to friends who overlook short-term love. As someone so intent on long term connections, understanding the power of short-term ones has been a game changer.

“My friend just died. I don’t know what to do.” Reddit Thread

It can be terrifying to love another person and to truly let them in but this reddit thread offers an incredible perspective shift to what we should really be focused on: loving as many people as we can deeply and truly (and how lucky it is to do so). As much as I avoid Reddit, I have this thread bookmarked.

“What If Friendship, Not Marriage, Was at the Center of Life?” from the Atlantic

As someone who tends to value friendship over the idea of marriage, I loved this article and encourage everyone to read it. I genuinely believe society would be better if we prioritized other forms of love equally or more as romantic love. We live increasingly isolated lives outside of community and not just because of a pandemic. What might another model offer our lives?

Happy Lifechatting!

As always, you can find all the Lifechat Starters here and feedback is always welcomed.

P.S. The photo used for this Lifechat Starter is a candid one of me with one of my best friends who I love dearly 🙂

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