New Lifechat Starter on Music

I recently discovered that Angels & Airwaves released a new album after a seven year break and quickly texted a few friends. It came at a perfect time when I was driving up and down the East Coast bouncing between various parts of Florida and various parts of North Carolina. In doing so, I found myself somehow listening to their prior I-Empire album on repeat. One moment I was exploring their new music and the next I was hitting the replay button for the tenth time on their song “Heaven”.

Music has held me together in the last year. In the depths of pandemic isolation, I created a playlist of live songs to try to recreate a virtual sense of connection with others. I’d lie down on the floor with headphones on and listen for hours at a time. It worked. I nearly could convince myself that I was there listening to the very artists singing their hearts out on my computer screen.

I hope this latest Lifechat Starter on Music helps you return to beloved artists, find new ones, and help bond you with another the way only a wonderful song can.

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