New Lifechat Starter on Books

I am in the process of moving into a new apartment and making it my own. Despite being very minimalistic, I am finding myself encumbered with books in both the digital and physical form. Luckily, I’m also surrounded by free tiny libraries and plan to share my overflow as I work my way through.

My grandma died a few months ago and I wish I could ask her many of these questions. She was an avid murder mystery reader, reading likely every book in the genre in her nearly nine decades worth of reading (she started reading excerpts of books in the newspaper as a young girl). She’d regularly remark to me, “There are only so many ways someone can fall in love but so many ways someone can get murdered”.

This latest Lifechat Starter on Books is dedicated to her. I hope it helps you want to revisit a favorite book or pick up a new one.

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