New Lifechat Starter on New Year’s

New Year’s is probably my favorite official holiday outside of my dreams of Queersgiving (aka queer thanksgiving) so forgive me for being probably too excited to share this New Year’s Lifechat starter. Building off of the idea of “chosen family”, I feel like New Year’s is a “chosen holiday” in some ways. You can make it your own. There aren’t prescribed ways to celebrate even if there are common rituals like counting down the seconds to the new year. I’ve been lucky to have some incredible celebrations sometimes of my own determined making surrounded by loved ones. While this year I’m spending the evening alone, I don’t feel alone which is a testament to how, even though this night does matter in its own way, it’s what you do the rest of the year that matters more.

I hope you spend this time in whatever way feels right to you either way.

Happy Lifechatting!

As always, you can find all the Lifechat Starters here and feedback is always welcomed.

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