New Lifechat Starter on Decisions

This last year has required so many decisions, big and small. When did you start wearing a mask? When did you stop seeing others? In turn, as the vaccine begins its slow roll out, more decisions will arise. On top of this overall backdrop, I’ve had a few friends recently wrestling with massive decisions mainly around jobs and I always feel so honored to have a front row seat to Big Moments in someone’s life. All of this and more inspired this most recent Lifechat Starter on decisions. The following is my favorite question from the set that came to me while out on a snowy hike today: What’s a decision you’re avoiding making right now? I love knowing what others avoid.

I purposefully try to keep the pandemic out of these lifechat starters perhaps because I am desperately clinging to hope that the pandemic will, at some point in the future, play a more subdued role in our lives and I want these starters to last the test of time. In case it’s of interest though, here are a few pandemic style questions to throw into the mix:

– Who do you have to think about when you’re making decisions around how to exist in today’s world?
– What sources do you turn to when making decisions around the pandemic?
– How have you reacted to the decisions other people have made during this time? What feelings have come up?
– How has the pandemic changed the way you make decisions?

Happy Lifechatting!

As always, you can find all the Lifechat Starters here and feedback is always welcomed.

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