New Lifechat Starter on Technology

After recently ranting about the internet and then re-joining Instagram after being inspired by this piece, I’ve been thinking immensely about technology which isn’t new for me since I work for a tech company (we’re hiring). This led to a long overdue Lifechat Start on Technology!

I admit that I tried and failed to find a more descriptive word than “technology” to use for this Lifechat Starter. After all, technology ranges from medical advancements to new cookware to the latest app you downloaded on your phone! I decided not to lose sleep over it considering how much there is to already in today’s world. This experience did make my reflect on how our vocabulary can’t seem to keep up with our tech-filled existence. Phrases like “doomscrolling” becoming popular ironically gives me hope though. I’m curious what new words might enter our world in the coming years and what discussions/ideas/debates/perspectives they’ll unlock!

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